Travel FAQ

Travel FAQ

Do you have an upcoming trip with us and have a few questions?  Browse through our FAQ below to get your questions answered and you’re welcome to contact us with additional questions.

Each person is allowed one large bag and one carry on.

Yes, all of our motorcoaches are equipped with Wi-Fi free of charge.

Passengers are allowed to eat and drink non-alcoholic beverages on board. Please be responsible and use the trash cans located at the front and rear of motorcoach. Due to Federal Law smoking is not permitted on the motorcoach, adequate breaks are made for our smoking customers.

A reminder is given to check above and below your seat but if you believe there was something left on the motorcoach after your trip please contact our office and let a receptionist know. Items found on the motorcoach are turned into the lost

There is a bathroom aboard all of our motorcoaches. Rest stops are made every 2 to 3 hours on our retail general public tours. For chartered trips it’s at the discretion of the chartering group.

You’re more then welcome to bring a wheelchair or stroller but it will have to be stored underneath in our luggage storage bays while traveling aboard the motorcoach.

On our retail general public tours please notify the escort on board. Chartered trips please notify the person in charge of your trip.

We have assigned seating for our retail general public tours. When booking your seats you have the option of choosing the location of your seats. Assigned seat locations are on a first come first serve basis. Seating starts with seat 1 in the front of the motorcoach ascending to seat 52 in rear of the motorcoach. When chartering a motorcoach seating is at the discretion of the chartering group.

Gratuities for the escort and driver are not included in the cost of the tour. However, it is customary, but not obligatory, to show your appreciation to them. In response to queries about how much to tip the escort and driver, $1.00 to $2.00 per person per day for the tour escort and $1.00 to $2.00 per person per day for the driver is suggested, depending on how you view their service. We could include this in the tour at an additional cost per person, but we feel you get the best service when the customer handles the tipping on an individual basis.

Eastern Travel / Oneonta Bus Lines is not responsible for actions resulting from natural causes – i.e. rain, hurricanes, wind, high waves, etc. Trips that start out and are cancelled on arrival – ball games, whale watches, races, etc. will be rescheduled to the best of the company’s ability. Tickets to the activity would still be honored per the vendor, but the second trip will require that the customer pay for transportation.

All of our trips have tight time schedules so we ask that you arrive on time for your departure. The bus will arrive 15 minutes prior to departure. Departing late will not be tolerated unless certain circumstances arise.

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