General Info

General Information


Oneonta ……… Oneonta Bus Lines Terminal, 41 Orchard Street

Sidney …….. McDonald’s

Binghamton …….. Eastern Travel Parking Lot, 1415 Upper Front Street

Great Bend, PA ……. Behind McDonald’s

Cobleskill …….. Park & Ride

Eastern Travel reserves the right to make changes on any tour. We expend every effort to be sure information is correct, and are not responsible for typographical errors.

We Know You Have A Choice – Thank You For Choosing Us!

Eastern Travel/Oneonta Bus Lines is not responsible for actions resulting from natural causes – i.e. rain, hurricanes, wind, high waves, etc. Trips that start out and are cancelled on arrival – ball games, whale watches, races, etc. – will be rescheduled to the best of the company’s ability. Tickets to the activity would still be honored per the vendor, but the second trip will require that the customer pay for transportation.

While we strive to provide on-time service for all of our tours, we do not guarantee departure and arrival times delayed by unforeseeable events including inclement weather, traffic or mechanical failure.

Eastern Travel/Oneonta Bus Lines and/or its solicitors act solely as agents in arranging hotel and motel accommodations, sightseeing and all other services and does not assume any liability for injury, damage, accident or delay due to any act or default of any company or person engaging in or rendering any other service, or carrying out arrangements for any tour, or by act or default of any hotel or motel proprietor or servant. The right is reserved to change or modify the itinerary as circumstances require, to cancel tour prior to departure upon full refund of all monies paid and, if necessary, change motels or hotel by substitution of equal or superior accommodations.

A gratuity for the driver and escort is not included in any of our trips. These should be handled on an individual basis rather than as a group collection. We believe this gratuity plays an important role in the success of your tour as it provides the staff with a direct incentive to do their absolute best in what would be otherwise an unsupervised environment. We also believe that the amount should not be fixed or it would become a fee that we might as well add to the cost of the tour. Instead we believe that the level of gratuity should be a personal choice. It should, in a sense, be a measure of your appreciation of the personal service, attitude and attentiveness of the escort and driver to you – the individual. Therefore, it is very possible that on the same tour there can be gratuities of widely varied amounts, each equitable and proper since it reflects the level of service given to different individuals.

A “No Smoking” policy is in place on board all of our scheduled motorcoach tours. For our smoking customers, adequate rest stops are made.

Eastern Travel provides the accompaniment of an Escort on most all tours. Eastern Travel Escorts are not “Guides” even though they may be knowledgeable in some areas. They cannot be expected to know details of all destinations.

We realize that circumstances may arise that would cause you to cancel a tour. However, we must strictly adhere to the following policy: In connection with all overnight tours, if cancellations are received at least 30 days prior to departure of the tour we will cheerfully refund your monies. 7 to 29 days prior to departure a $20.00 cancellation fee will be charged along with any non-recoverable tour costs. 1 to 6 days prior no refund will be available unless Eastern Travel is able to fill your seat. If you want assurance of a Full Refund for any tour excursion, be sure to take advantage of Trip Cancellation Insurance. This is included with your tour confirmation receipt on all multi-day tours. For all other tours such as one-day trips or gaming overnights, please call our office and we will mail one to you. Subject to policy provisions!

In connection with most one-day tours, a full refund will be available if cancellation is received at least three full business days prior to tour departure. Refunds for cancellations made within less than three full business days of departure will be made on condition that Eastern Travel is able to fill the space made available by the cancellation. On one-day tours for special events or where advance purchase of meals or tickets is necessary (Broadway Shows, Radio City, Ball Games, Races, Cruises, Luncheon or Dinner Shows, etc.) it is necessary to give 14 full business days notice of cancellation. After this time, refunds will only be available if Eastern Travel can fill the seats. PLEASE NOTE: Refunds are issued as follows: 1) If payment has been made by credit card, monies will be refunded to that card on the same business day, 2) If payment was made by check, monies will be issued by company check. Checks are issued every two weeks. Pending last refund issue, checks should be received no later than 2-3 weeks of trip cancellation.

Specialty tours such as European Tours, Cruises or Airline Reservations involved will have a designated per person deposit, other than the $100.00 multi-day deposit as well as a 75-90 day out full payment requirement. Failure to make these payments may result in cancellation of your reservation. For reservations after the required due date, full payment will be due immediately. Weekly or monthly payments can be made within these guidelines.

Reservations should be made well in advance of tour departure. One-Day Tours require full payment within 10 days of making the reservation or a 25% deposit within 10 days of making the reservation. Gaming Overnight Tours require a $50.00 per person deposit within 10 days of making the reservation. Multi-Day Tours require a $100.00 per person deposit within 10 days of making the reservation. If reservations have been made within 30 days of departure date, the following applies: One-Day Tour reservations made less than 30 days prior to departure, full payment is due within 10 days of making the reservation. If the excursion is within 10 days, payment is due immediately. Gaming Overnight and Multi-Day Tour reservations made less than 30 days prior to departure are required to be paid in full immediately.

Each person is allowed one (1) large bag and one (1) carry on. You will be assessed $3.00 per piece for any additional baggage that is handled by the hotel bellman.

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